The POS T-rollerfeed was developed specifically for larger and heavier products. A gentle gradient and gravity allow products to automatically advance to the front edge of any shelf facilitated by the frictionless rollers.

The system features roller modules (124 mm wide) which can be linked to fit shelves of any width and depth. The rollerfeed only needs a minimal gradient to operate efficiently. With wedge inserts, the POS T-rollerfeed can be utilised on existing horizontal shelving. This means entire shelves and shelf sections can be customised to product type.

Reduced Shelf Maintenance = Savings

The rollerfeed is particularly suitable for back loading (cooling shelves) and the FIFO principle is effectively implemented in this situation. The system is extremely versatile as it can be retrofitted to any existing shelving system.

No major shelf reorganisation is necessary for range and product changes as the dividers are simply repositioned.